Thursday, April 28, 2011

Some of the Majulah! articles you should read before voting...

I'm digging out some of the old articles that I had written way before the election fever set in, and I want you people to be able to put things into perspective. NOTE: This articles are written during "peace" time, and is still relevant on this very critical juncture of Singapore's fate.

Foreign Labour Issue - PAP's addiction to Foreign Labour and its GDP boosting effect:

PAP's Psychology and a reminder of how they like to blame it on everyone but themselves:

Our CPF becoming more and more like Income Tax and that you will never get your money back

Election Issues that worth you thinking about:


The "For Show" nature of PAP and their hypocrisy:

My Prediction that at least one GRC will be lost be PAP, more election issues you should think about (reminder, this is a 2009 article, and its still perfectly relevant and reminds us of some issues that we forgotten):

Singaporeans are underpaid:

Another salary issue, for this one, I proposed that we should become a nation of entrepreneurs:

My political disillusion and the unfairness of it all:

People forgot about this issue - Town Councils investing using our money:

Happy Reading!

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