Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Fog of War; The issue we should be concern about.

Of all the hurrah and mudslinging for the past weeks up to till now, the hottest election topic had been HDB and cost of living.

But in my opinion, more "costly" issues are at stake that were not talked abt or talked about enough: Healthcare Cost, Electric Bills / Privatisation of Power Supply, Education.

So far, from what I had seen, only SDP seemed to have covered every concerns I have for the future.

From my personal experience, Healthcare cost have reach a point where its becoming crippling for the average families. No one can afford to fall critically ill, and that the reason is not because of the welfare of the self, but because of the cost of the healthcare bill that follows it. People like my mum had to push back any operations or procedures, or simply follow the "long queue" to get diagnosed and appointment with the specialist at Public Hospitals. I'm sure many folks simply refused to get treated for their otherwise critical situation just because of the money sake.

My grandmother's stroke required all 6 of her children to fund the medical bills and the cost of hiring a elderly care giver; while me, staring at the prospect of paying my mum's inevitable medical bill all alone in the future when she is much weaker and frail. I'm not sure how well will our Medisave and Medicare work when that time come (considering the healthcare cost have never stop increasing for thus far, and I dun see it stopping either).

What about electricity? The privatisation of electric company and the intention to change to a prepaid system which we "buy electricity" from a device that would be installed in our home... the whole thing just sounds so.... I disturbs me.

No matter who got elected, I just hope that their minds are on the side of Singaporeans and committed to make Singapore a better and happier place to live in (and i have to add: FOR EVERYONE.)

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