Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Learn from Obama's administration | Singapore needs CHANGE

I just caught a LIVE broadcast online of Obama's speech to the students of United States. Feeling inspired, to the point, i wish to go back to school tomorrow and study like no tomorrow.

But as it ended, I ask myself: Why can Obama do all this "logical" things the moment he is president; knowing and understanding ppl's hardship, taking steps to elevate EVERYBODY's life... while in Singapore, the Government seemed to be reluctant to take steps to go "micro"; vehemently avoiding the OBVIOUS.

I can tell you guys today: The Opposition is going to win at least a GRC in the next election. And prepare to lose even more single seats

Its getting too obvious nowadays that EVERYONE is not happy. People are getting more vocal and more willing to talk abt their unhappiness abt the situation in Singapore. Seriously, I cant really see how PAP can defend their position any better in the next election, this term is probably the WORST term in the history of PAP's governance.

Connectivity had opened our eyes to the honest and truthful rule by Barack Obama, with all his goals and changes totally in line with what a politician SHOULD DO. On the other hand, Japan's election result sending shockwave throughout the world, especially to countries like Singapore, with their Opposition victory. With Logic (make sense policies of Obama) + Hope (of a victory against powerful incumbent) , the keyword "CHANGE" is become more impactful with the passing days.

Mr. Teo Ser Luck posted on his facebook status: "Change. Nothing will stand still. The outcome of the Japan election results really got me thinking. If we don't change, we will be changed. Whether in life or in career, we have to keep up with the pace of change. The environment would not change or wait for us. Like it or not, it is a never-ending race. We can never be complacent."

Even this major PAP politician knew that the wind of change in coming. But seriously, is PAP changing better or for worse? (based on that status update, it is suggested that PAP might had been changing, just not fast enough) Seriously, PAP HAD changed over the years, since Mr Lee Kuan Yew was Prime Minister; just that PAP seemed to change to become more "greedy" financially... It reaches a point where, all those giant reserve and huge government incomes that made Singapore rich, no longer had a link to the fortunes of Singaporeans.

Is it not logical that medical fees should be lower?
Transport companies do not need that much profit, as their purpose is to serve our people?
Town councils do not need to invest money?
Old folks should be taken better care of with better facilities and lower rents since they are the people whom built our nation to what it is today?
That Singaporeans should have more spare money to spend and save?
Students should be banned from dropping out and better policies to make sure we dun lose this potential talents?
That better policies and ideas should be made and executed to ensure more babies are being born and reduction in the cost of raising a kid?

Why can Obama do the obvious and PAP cant? Why PAP have to make it always seems so complicated and changes be sounded so treacherous?


Oppositions, the same question is posted to you: What can you do for the country and the people?

Learn from Obama, stop closing one eye and play politics.

(p.s: The moment politics stops, like how Obama treated his Israeli ally on the Palestinian issue, the world just stop and applause.)


Timothy said...

I'm curious, what steps should the government do to start its change? Considering that its policies reached its current state largely due to economics.

Fievel said...

Tons of things
First two i can think of is accountability and immediately stopping the widening income inequality. Start by themselves. Singaporeans never did agree to their $2+ million salary package but it was shoved down our throats anyway. That is accountability right there, AND income inequality.

People should be allowed to wear t-shirts with kangaroos print and any print to a court or anywhere in Singapore. I don't see people getting jailed for wearing a shirt that says "Bush is an asshole" in America. Truth prevails when we can express ourselves.

Too many other things need to be changed around here. Singaporeans are doomed if we go down this road of unthinking citizenry, by virtue of the fact that we are becoming mere robots working to contribute to the GDP figures and then we die.
What about "what we want for our lives" ?


PanzerGrenadier said...

Change will come when enough voters pull themselves out of fear, ignorance and apathy and vote to bring in change.

The change is from a One-person rule to two-party system.

Majullah Singapura.