Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Overpopulation. The Beginning.

As we are now just into the 3rd year of a 20 years plan by the Government to increase Singapore's population of 4.5 mil in 2007 to 6.5 mil in 2027. While the fundamentals and reasonings behind the artificial increase of the population thru immigrants MIGHT be reasonable (while still very much debatable); the effect of such sudden increase of population is starting the test the very infrastructures that is never going to catch up with the numbers.

read abt the population plans here: http://www.littlespeck.com/content/people/CTrendsPeople-070217.htm

As people are starting to feel the "heat" with the very obvious change in the composition of the people in Singapore (notably PRC Chinese; they are everywhere now); MRT seemed to get more and more crowded, HDB Housing seemed more and more difficult to acquire for new couples (when it just seems so simple just 10 years ago) and now, the sudden explosion of population is straining the hospitals.

read abt the ridiculous "solution" to overcrowding at TTSH : http://www.channelnewsasia.com/stories/singaporelocalnews/view/1033252/1/.html

I'm not sure how many beds in TTSH or any other hospitals in Singapore had been added for the past few years. general feeling I got is that it had not changed much; I'm not sure how much the train frequency had increased; nor do i sure abt whether the increased in the building of HDB flats actually meets the demand - but i'm very sure all of them arent coping with the sudden increase in population.

Just like if a General wants to build a massive army, he need to consider other factors like increasing the accomodation, building the weapons and gears, increasing the amount of supplies to feed the massive army - but Singapore seemed to be lagging in those "other factors".

This trend is indeed worrying and the future seemed to be shrouded with caprice.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

How to achieve world peace? Zuism's the Way.

Seriously, looking upon the current trash world we are in that is dominated by greed and excessiveness; results in wars and tragedies... how could world peace ever be achieve.

This lofty dream might actually be possible (while impossible now) by a single simple new adjustment: a cap on how much a person can earn.

Just like in a game, where a character reaches the max level of 99, there is no longer the obsession in leveling up; no longer the obsession in gathering more money than what they actually really require...

Once man is taken away the need to endless creating excessive wealth for no good reasons; perhaps their vision can be changed to aiding ppl thats in need; contributing resources into meaningful scientific research; developing 3rd world countries that urgently need investments to build their infrastructures.... etc...

If the ultimate goals in life is simply become "level 99" and then become a hero and saviour to the world; ceaseless greed will cease... excessiveness will be redistributed... and the world, a more peaceful and harmonious place.

This is not communism.

I shall name this: Zuism or 足道 (Zu Dao).

足 means Enough/Sufficient, thus 足道 means the Way of Sufficiency.

Disclaimer: This is not a religion, its just a belief that with an end to wealth creation, people will actually contribute in constructive ways for the good of human civilisation.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Locals lost again to "foreigners talents"; this time in football

In the press conference held just hours ago by S-league, they announced the identity of the 12th team for the new season.

To the surprise and amazement of all the S-league fans, the winner of the coveted final spot went to Beijing Guo-An, rather than the highly committed and motivated, successful in previous 2 season, and now going ALL LOCAL, Yishun Super Reds (Super Reds).

Being a member of the hardcore local football fan forum, KallangRoar.com , the anger and disbelieve is evident.

I understand that this blog, is meant as a political blog, but I cant rub off the connection of how Football Association of Singapore (FAS) & S-League is ran, with how the Singapore Government works.

This probably "unnoticable" saga (very few Sleague fans) is in my opinion, a bigger indication of our government policy and how foreigners and money is rated way higher of the development of our local and very own Singaporeans.

If any one from the media whom read my this post; I strongly urge you to condemn the selection of 2 foreign teams over a local team.