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Its just all wayang....

Refer to the article by CNA below.
(just for info, i'm a hougang kid through and through, although i dun stay in the WP's ward, but Hougang nevertheless)

Its seems like all the "services" done by the PAP candidates is just for show; purely with the intention of getting the votes than to really serve from their heart.

According to the report below, Eric Low slapped a fee on the free medical check up, stopped his "meet-the-people" sessions and canceled the popular free breakfast for the needy - to describe this in a stronger tone - a retaliation against the what was perceived as a betrayal by the Hougang ppl in the last election. As for Sitoh Yih Pin, he just simply stopped everything and disappear like a wisp of smoke.

And now, as elections looms, our dear Mr Eric Low is "up-ing the ante". Launch a wheelchair loaning service, considering of resuming his "meet-the-people" sessions and day-care center for the old soon...

I say, COME ON LAH! Thats really way too fake.

Only at the impending election that he springs into action. Since when service to the people (for someone whom "really cares") get to rest (for reportingly a year) and refuse to "meet" the people whom sought for his help. If someone wanted help from you and approach you, do you tell them: "Wait after National Day can? I may consider meeting you..."

Does the people whom need help get to put their problems aside for a year able to wait for you???

I say, if you are really sincere abt making all this wheelchair loan thingy and the day care center thingy... you wouldnt wait till now and it should have a clear way of funding these stuff so that it can last forever.

My fear is that, this may just be another "political" move just like the free breakfast for the needy thingy. So you lost the election, then our needy no need to be taken care of and the free breakfast thingy should stop?

WTF is, "not to be taken for granted"??? [getting personal and emotional liaoz...]

You decide that this is a way to service the people and help the needy; THEN, it should never be considered into your plans that this is going to be a component in your election plans.

What is our Dear Mr Eric Low treating the Hougang Residents as??? Casino Chips? Chess Pieces? Dispensable Commodities?

DEAR POLITICIANS, Please serve from your heart and with sincerity. If you are sincere in serving the people and wanting the best for the people; you wouldnt care if you get elected or not - since if you can serve without being a MP, whats stopping you to continue serving even if you lost the election.

If Eric Low still want to fight in Hougang, I am confident he is going to lose again; and possibly with an even bigger margin.

Mark my words. People remember your words and actions!



Eric Low gears up for the fight again
By Loh Chee Kong,TODAY | Posted: 18 June 2007 1123 hrs

SINGAPORE: A year ago, a despondent Mr Eric Low fresh from a second straight morale-sapping electoral defeat at the hands of Workers’ Party (WP) chief Low Thia Khiang — decided that he would stop being taken for granted by Hougang residents.

So, he slapped a fee on his previously free health-screening programme and stopped his Meet-The-People sessions and popular free breakfast service for the needy.

But on Sunday, the 59-year-old Cisco Security general manager and defeated People’s Action Party (PAP) candidate told TODAY he was ready to up the ante again, in the Opposition stronghold.

“Since the elections, I have completed a renewal of my grassroots leaders and launched a few new programmes. And now that I’ve had one year’s rest, I’m considering recommencing my Meet-The-People sessions very soon,” said Mr Low.

He is expected to make the announcement at the constituency’s National Day dinner. The Hougang grassroots adviser, who gets a handful of letters each month from residents seeking help, said: “There has been quite a number of requests to see me. I may consider seeing them ... We shall see after National Day.”

In the General Election held in May last year, his WP opponent not only successfully defended his parliamentary seat, but also stretched his winning margin to more than 62 per cent of the votes in Hougang.

There have been doubts cast over Mr Low’s candidacy in the next polls, due by 2011. But the PAP stalwart, who entered the political fray in 2001, said he was encouraged by the enthusiasm of his new grassroots leaders and would “continue to do what I can”.

There are signs that he is stepping up his game: On Sunday, he was out and about with Minister of State for Finance and Transport Lim Hwee Hua, spreading the anti-dengue message to Hougang residents.

Last month, he launched a “wheelchair-for-loan” programme; next up is a day-care centre for senior citizens. He has also drawn up a five year activity workplan aimed at forging a “kampung spirit” in Hougang, despite not having been given any signal by the PAP leadership that he will be contesting the ward again.

Said Mr Low: “You do what you can as long as you are at it. Nothing is permanent in life.”

Over at the other Opposition-held ward Potong Pasir, however, Mr Sitoh Yih Pin — who also made his debut for the PAP in 2001 — has been keeping a low profile since his loss to Mr Chiam See Tong.

Resident Melvin Tan, 28, remarked: “It has been very quiet as compared to in the past. I’ve not seen Mr Sitoh or his people around.”

When contacted, Mr Sitoh said he had “no immediate plans” to resume his activities, including meet-the-people sessions, in Potong Pasir. According to grassroots leaders, residents have probably seen the last of the famous $2 shark’s fin soup and abalone porridge dished out at community events in the past.

Mr Sitoh’s right-hand man Chua Kian Meng said no community outreach events have been held since the elections. “So far, there’s been nothing. There’s also nothing planned,” he said.

But Mr Chua, who had earlier told the press he might resign as chairman of the Citizens’ Consultative Committee, now says he is staying on.

Shortly after the PAP’s defeat in the two single-seat wards, Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong — who had thrown his political weight behind the two candidates - announced that both would cut back on their services to residents. They would also “act like an opposition” by pointing out faults in the two constituencies, Mr Goh had said.

Mr Low emphasised that he “didn’t want to be seen as a watchdog”, adding: “It’s best for residents to judge rather than for me to point out the faults.”

WP chief Low could not be reached for comment on Sunday, but Mr Eric Low’s perseverance has not gone unnoticed by Hougang residents. Said 60-year-old Mr Ng: “He is still working very hard. We still see him making his rounds regularly.”

A neighbourhood shop-owner added: “When you lose, you should continue to work hard, not less. You cannot abandon the people, especially those who need help.”
- TODAY/fa

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