Wednesday, April 15, 2009

NTU Tragedy - Continued

Just for info for those interested. Apparently, the Indonesian side had a verification team whom examined the alleged antangonist, David Widjaja (NTU Student), and declared that he is murdered instead of the suicide as claimed in the papers in Singapore and by the local authorities.

Intriguing. But I have to say, there is very little they could do in my opinion.

If what the Indonesians said is true, that suggests cover up on the Singapore side, and in anyway, the cover up will be complete and thorough since it is deliberate. The local media will said nothing at all of the case anymore, and as I predicted, the media black-out will be complete.

Sorry for the family, but my guess is that, whatever they do, the "host" will win.

(disclaimer: I am speaking on the neutral point of view; everything written here is just my opinion, and SHOULD NOT be used as evidence or reference in court or any lawsuit.)


I changed the word "alleged killer" to "alleged antagonist", because the "victim" did not die. Sorry for the mistake.

Just for those, like me didnt read very closely, the verification team comprises of 12 bloggers, led by Mr Iwan Piliang, a citizen journalist. (source:,4139,198202,00.html) And their main thus is to simply "verify what was really going on" (in their own words).

Thus their conclusion is not to be viewed on the same level as a statement by official authority or experts.

And if all the hoo-ha in Indonesia is simply for a lost cause or even an attempt to "confuse" everyone; i still think its a "interesting progress" to the tragedy that should made it to tabloids like The New Paper, as it could fans up more readership like what Huang Na did. Of course, this could happen if there is not media blackout and if the papers are interested; as of now, no one can be bothered abt it~



Shaun said...

Let me quote you, " Apparently, the Indonesian side had a verification team whom examined the alleged killer, David Widjaja (NTU Student), and declared that he is murdered instead of the suicide as claimed in the papers in Singapore and by the local authorities."

Firstly, the Indonesian side's verification team, are comprised of "HIGHLY QUALIFIED" individuals in the field of forensic study, whom have all graduated with honours from watching back to back episodes of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, CSI: NY and CSI: Miami.

"Another Indonesian newspaper, Kompas, reported on its website that it was announced at the press conference that a verification team would leave for Singapore this week.

The team, led by Mr Iwan Piliang, a citizen journalist, comprises bloggers and citizen reporters.",4139,198202,00.html

With such experience (from watching seasons 1 - 7 of CSI), it is no wonder their reconstruction of the events leading to his death are "accurate".

Accurate in inciting a witch hunt on Singapore and Singaporeans alike.

The Detik and the Kompass are by no means credible publications and are no more accurate than an issue of the National Enquirer with "Martians Invaded my Home", and "I had Bigfoot's Baby" streaming across its headlines.

The Singapore press, black out?

If I were an editor of the most credible and major broadsheets in S.E.A., I would certainly not want to haggle with a street corner tabloid from a "Developing Nation".

Secondly, David Widjaja is not an "alleged killer" as indicated by you, the Professor is still alive.

Please be more supportive of our local talent! After all, HSA does not comprise of "village idiots" organizing a lynch mob. Many of us actually went to school.

Lim Mingji said...

actually i wasnt siding anyone~

sorry for the wrong word use, you are right, it should not be "alledged killer". I should have used "alledged antagonist".

Thats why at the bottom, i did mention what i wrote cannot be "trusted" fully, because its based on my thoughts at the moment of post~

I seriously dunno who are those guys on the indonesian side including the publications.

What i know based on my previous postings on my blog did mentioned that the body is cremated very quickly, and the irony is that its the family's decision to cremate the corpse. thus further investigation will be hindered.

I just say on this current post that, "IF, what they said is true", thus blarblarblar. I didnt say what they say is true.

Because i remember reading that there isnt a indonesian "team" (not to even mention highly qualified) other than the local authorities that studied the body. Upon slower reading (based on the link you put), the verification team simply verifies, i cant even understand how they can conclude its a murder without autopsy.

Thus I do not really read too much into what they said; i simply just taking into account of both sides, and post it on my blog. Readers like you should be the judge. I hardly spend much brain on this.(thus my lack of details in my opinion)

thanks for your comment! =}