Wednesday, April 15, 2009

AWARE not aware.

Reading the drama of the women group, AWARE's AGM surprise shuffle in the papers really kindda sums up a lot about human nature.

As we stay in a job or organisation for sometime, we were then regarded as senior and expect respect from ppl whom just joined. But its also the reality of life that this hierarchical concept of thought does not always stay fixed.

So after many years of mingling in AWARE, the supposed leaders of the group got kicked out by a organized mass of newly joined. Now the defeated "clique" questions the intention of these newbies and pointed out that they should form their own grouping since they have differences in philosophy.

But if thats the case, why have AGM? Why have ppl to vote in the committee? And why give entry to the organisation so easily if you want to limit thus freedom? Its an irony and also a fact of life.

In another perspective, now that these "newbies" got voted in by majority vote, which thus means they are now the leader the majority wanted, thus they have the legitimacy to lead. They are like the Thai Rak Thai Party led by Thaksin few years back where he commands the majority support in the country. But these "elites" or "old birds" resents the new order, much like the Yellow Shirts, whom successfully ripped down the legitimate voted-in party (twice) to install their opposition politicians.

So in summary, not respecting the majority results in? ---> Chaos. Resentment. Hatred. Ultimately, Failure...

So the lao jiao of AWARE, I understand your pain, but perhaps, your time is up. Your opponents got more support. What you should do is to get MORE supporters of yours to join AWARE, and hopefully win back the seats in the next election. If not, just continue to do your part in the organisation and see how the new leaders do. Dun whine in the newspapers anymore; you simply lose more than you probably think you gain.

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