Monday, May 4, 2009

Childish Saga of Aware.

AWARE. So are you aware now? Of AWARE? Or AWARE being aware?


The EOGM (Extraordinary General Meeting) of AWARE at the SUNTEC had became the national sensation and talking point. The fervent crowd opposing the allegedly "Un-Aware" ppl who won in their election to become the new Exco (executive committee) is probably the next most incredible scene of Singaporeans voicing out, after the Worker's Party's Election Rally.

Ppl were discussing and arguing, are the supporters of the Old Guards (the previous Exco) being ungraceful in the way they boo and disrupt the speeches of the "New Guards"? Or are the "New Guard" conspiring something that will hurt the reputation and meaning of AWARE? "SHUT UP!" and "Feminist Mentor" trash talk?

In my opinion, the entire saga resembles just like children's quarrel; simply childish. In fact, if the "New Guard" have ideologies of anti-gay rights and such, and thus joining AWARE to prevent, the alleged pro-gay education materials from continued used, are they going to prevent gays and lesbian from appearing in our society? I doubt so...

[side tracking warning] if in our conservative society, gays and lesbians can continue to appear, I dun see the point, going anti-gay or not mentioning of gay-ism, is going to change anything.

Somehow, the booing and discrediting on the ground of the EOGM reminds me of what i did during football matches at the stadium. LOL~ Just find it hilarious happening in a General Meeting. To say the truth, if the New Guards get their way, and speak all their hearts all, without interruption, about their Feminist thingy and ting-tongs which I apparently dun understand much (gender equality is already is tip towards the fairer sex in our law already anyway): are the ground going to cast confident votes for them? NAH!

Its already over even before it started, so why bother talking all the 大道理 (Big Meaning “literally”),all their philosophy and watever, when ppl already discredited them beyond repair. What's worse is the Thio Thio whom self-styled herself as "Feminist Mentor".

Being successful in your own life doesnt make you a "Female Rights Leader". Abuthen, who is the "Masculinist Mentor" then? Maybe in Singapore is our dear, All Singaporeans Fav: MM Lee Kuan Yew. He made Singapore from nothing to really something. He can be the true "Masculinist Mentor" thus also MM. So he can be MM&MM Lee. =D (sarcasm)

You cant just start to call yourself something which includes other ppl, without other concurring with you.

Wat the hell is Feminist Mentor anyway? Girl are already female; you cant make a female more female right? And if my gf is going to mentored by that Thio Thio, I going to be very afraid....


At first, I was in support of AWARE to respect their electoral result, for the same reason, why we must support the PAP as long as they are in power, because they are whom majority had voted in.

But when revelation of most of the New Guard are from the same Church, and their Senior Pastor Derek Hong urged the women in his flock to ‘be engaged’ and support new president Josie Lau and ‘her sisters’ at AWARE; its apparent that it is something that was being said or probably instigated by their Pastor or in their sermons, or maybe someone whom is also from the same church, maybe that Thio Thio, that resulted in the sudden surge in membership of AWARE before the election and thus the surprise result in the election. And because of this, I agree with the supporters of the Old Guard that this Exco had to be replaced.

AWARE despite being well-reputated, isnt exactly a big organisation despite their great contributions to the society. So, to cause such a "problem" in election is quite easy, given the fact that a Church can have easily more members than a NGO like AWARE.

And thus, the voting of no-confidence vote in the EOGM can be seen as a more true reflection of the views of Singaporean women who cares.

So AWARE, pls add a new line to your "Constitution" - you cannot get elected without joining AWARE a year prior to the election, and must be involved in at least 1 "AWARE activity".

For those interested in how this Saga can become a lesson for PAP, read here:
Yawning bread's view is something i concur with~ =}

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