Monday, April 6, 2009

NTU Tragedy Review.

Apparently, if anyone does read this blog, or you happen to chance upon the current post; I had previously posted regarding certain suspected cover up regarding the bizarre NTU tragedy where a Indonesian student was allegedly accused of stabbing his lecturer before "committing suicide", as well as the suicide of another guy whom are related to the two fore-mentioned person.

As I had predicted, there is a media blackout on this case ever since the initial reporting for the first week of the 2 incidents. Subsequently, in anti-tabloid style, the case had suddenly disappeared off the subsequent editions of ALL local newspaper. 

With this case being more bizarre than Huang Na or the SAF Medical Officer's death, its unusual that it is no longer covered by the press or chased upon for more newsbreaking information by any of the reporters.

Neither did any of this conspiracy theories or flare ups online made it to any papers...

Bizarre case indeed.

p.s: I am not suggesting anything of controversy, just stating facts as it is. Dun sue me.

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