Monday, May 18, 2009

Lee Kuan Yew's Garden

If its not for the press (if I am not wrong, The New Paper), I would not have known that the Garden City of Singapore, is in fact, a vision of the Great man himself, Mr Lee Kuan Yew.

For I am already full of admiration and respect for our former Prime Minister, the Man who led us to who we are today; my liking for him went up a notch after reading the article.

His vision (or maybe preference) of covering all the articificial silhouette and buildings with the green of nature; the insistence of having all this done fast and done well; his ability to command the dedication and passion of our unsung heroes, the gardeners, to source for the ideal plants to bring back to Singapore; simply his love for nature and parks... is simply inspiring.

It reminds me of my own journey now, where I had my visions that I hope and want to achieve; the path and decisions I see myself taking; I very much similar to his passion and desire to make something that is probably a first in the world, into reality.

Thanks the reporter whom came out with that article; the gardeners whom had helped built Singapore's reputation as the Garden City; the cleaners whom kept Singapore clean and tidy; and Mr Lee, your commitment and unfaltering dedication to make it happen and maintain it.

I am proud to be a Singaporean.

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