Monday, June 1, 2009

Changing of Electoral Rules - A Masterstroke.

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Anyway, the biggest talking point on Singapore politics lately had been the new election rulings, abt the additional single seat wards, reduction of size in GRC, increase of minimum Opposition in parliament to 9, etc...

My view is this is a positive move by the PAP. Although WP can say all they want abt this changes is not enough or whatsoever, but think again, PAP can jolly well just continue on status quo; so lets be thankful that PAP is willing to give the Oppositions more chance to get into the parliament and put in their part in making Singapore a better place.

New single wards and reduction of GRC size is perhaps the most bewildering move, as far as PAP supporters are concerned. Because this is basically a weakening of PAP's dominance, given the history and fact that our Oppositions hardly able to build up a strong team to compete in the GRC. And additional SMC also means more chance for individual talented linguists to grab a seat for their parties.

Why such a move?
Perhaps it comes down to the lack of "quality" MPs within the PAP. As GRC is embraced, the number of the powerful-passionate-committed PAP politicians takes a dip (its just an impression). Weak PAP candidates, like Heng Chee How (who took on Low Thia Kiang and lost), is put into a GRC, to ensure their "qualification" into MP-hood.

To me, GRC is less of an avenue to protect minority groups, but more of an avenue to either putting "quiet" and "abiding" PAP members into the Parliament (which is more "strategic", to prevent infighting and less opposition within the PAP) or someone who is capable, but just cannot connect with the constituents (wish I hope is the case. But still usually, such ppl are still too quiet to make any decent contribution in Parliamentary debates).

As I mentioned earlier, the lack of "out-spoken" and "endearing" MPs from PAP could have started to backfire at PAP: losing ground support and respect; lack of contributions in parliament; just simply not "capable" enough. The general "standard" of PAP could be degenerating to a point where, the cabinet ministers close a blind eye anymore (in exchange for "parliamentary compliance"). Of course, all this is just speculations; DUN SUE ME.

Either way, quality is starting to prove to be more important than quantity, especially in the onset of a difficult era, a new age, a new world order. PAP can no longer just dominate the political scene (albeit with "mediocre" ppl) and just have the "quality" in the cabinet (the one whom really make decisions).

The new age, beyond the global economic crisis, is a treacherous one for vulnerable Singapore. In the past, manufacturing industry is easier to build up and grow Singapore; its very much a hardware thing... But the Singapore now, finance center, service sector, tourism, high tech reseach, bio-med science, IT, digital media, games development, movie industry... All the just mentioned is extremely volatile. Research can anytime be triumph by others with greater capacity and talents (China, Japan, US, etc...); games dev and movie dev is one of the highest risk possible in investment, they can just flop and you lose millions... not to mention how behind we are in term of digital media and games dev technology...

In the face of all this caprice and uncertainty, PAP must be worried abt the future, and one which they are now finding their "laid-back GRC tag-along" quite useless (or so i think).

On the other hand, Oppositions are starting to consolidate and gaining strength, in both wisdom and talents. With the leadership of Reform Party, under a man, whose credentials and paper qualifications matching, if not, beating many of the PAP members; the stability and growth of WP under Sylvia Lim and Low; its simply "untapped" Singaporean talents. Thus, with the introduction of 9 NMP slots for Oppositions, they get to acquire the views and input of the best and more talented 9 Opposition members. At the same time, it can also cause the Oppositions to "relax" on their drive to unroot the PAP, since they are like almost guaranteed a spot in the parliament; if to worst, cause infighting between Oppositions parties when they try to negotiate which wards they want to compete in (might even en up with 3 way fight, which will definitely benefit PAP).

Thus, to say the truth, this entire move, is a total masterstroke by the leadership of PAP; which kills many bird in one stone: get more talented ppl with gd views, visions and input to contribute to the parliament; reduce "animosity" of the Opposition (or appease them, but giving them almost guaranteed spots); discourage ppl from voting lousy Opposition candidates simply because they dun want to vote PAP; cause infighting among the Oppositions when they fighting for wards to compete in, especially when there are more candidates than possible seats to fight for; and lastly, put pressure on those "tag-along" PAP MP, whom their iron-bowl in parliament is perhaps, all but over.

Even for the Oppositions, there is simply nothing to lose, but all to gain. A surprising win-win situation... something that could never happen in politics, turns possible.

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soojenn said...

Masterstroke my foot... why do we need NCMPs. We want MPs voted in by the people of Singapore, expresing the views that the Singaporeans wants heard and not brushed aside each time, low level of transparency, no accountabilities for failures, no apologies and especially "no regrets" from one that has lost billions of Singapore dollars.

"...get more talented ppl with gd views, visions and input to contribute to the parliament; ..."

who will contribute..especially not talented people.. isn't it just a waste of time, look at AIMs as an example. Is the government listening? who is kidding who?

Singaporeans should just vote for the opposition period... not accept hand me downs of NCMP and god knows what