Saturday, October 25, 2008

Obama already heralded as President by press?

The amazing thing that I notice in the papers these few days (in Singapore) about the U.S Presidential Election, is that many of the editors/columnist had already started to herald Barack Obama as the next U.S President.

Its amazing how they fluidly and easely state Obama taking over George W Bush as the next US President, without even suggesting a single bit about Obama's adversary, and the fact that "their fact" has not even turned "fact" at all, as the U.S Election had just gone underway with the Early votings.

Not like how most opinion votes, snap polls, as well as the "iftheworldcouldvote" results shows; that Obama is leading by a hell lot, the voting so far still suggest that McCain still have the chance to fight back. (omg... i mentioned his name~ LOL!)

But not surprisingly, that the press are already ignoring McCain, when you look at how the world look at this election:

Barack Obama87.1% (378,136 votes)
John McCain12.9% (56,029 votes)
Total number of votes:434,166
Countries voted from:200
As of time of post.

Such is the margin that Obama is proved that is charisma had not just penetrated in the American ppl, but as well as all the people around the world.

Even the police forces in U.S had been on alert for this election in fear of riots outbreak on the event of a shock McCain win:  You need to note this, even the police acknowledge that Obama is really way ahead in the popular opinion.

Lets hope nothing goes awry...

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