Wednesday, October 1, 2008

End of an Era: Joshua Benjamin Jeyaretnam

YESTERDAY, 30 Sep 2008 marks the end of an era, as Singapore lost one of the most legendary opposition leader in Singapore history: Joshua Benjamin Jeyaretnam.

Despite I cannot agree on many of his manifesto and political beliefs, but no doubt, have my utmost respect for his fiery determination to fight for the rights of fellow Singaporeans. 

His legacy of his Anson by-election victory, the first man to break PAP's monopoly; his Chengsan GRC that gripped the nation at the edge of their seats where they were so close to winning Opposition's first ever GRC. Not to forget his countless barring from elections, how he is sued for defamation till bankruptcy, his amazing victory in court thru the Privy Council that stunned both PAP and the nation, his struggle of selling his books at various places in Singapore, his presence/influence in the most recent election, his forming of the Reform Party, as well as the challenging the Prime Minister to held a by-election this year, which the court session will be one that he will never be able to stand for. 

With his passing, it probably marks the end of the era of fire-brand opposition politicians, that had made my childhood's political scene so interesting. With the Mr Chee totally crippled as a politician (almost everyone I spoke to, many of them taxi drivers, condemned him), the days where Opposition leaders launches into frenzy screaming and shouting is probably over.

I hereby pay my respect to this man, whose dedication to the People of Singapore is unequal among the men of so few against so many.

Rest in Peace.

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kojakbt said...

The opposition has lost a determined fighter. My condolence and sympathy…. However, I’m sure JBJ in heaven would not want us to stop fighting the PAP. Let’s continue JBJ’s fight to stop the dominance of 1-party politics in Singapore. Let’s strive to bring true democracy to Singapore by encouraging Singaporeans to vote for pluralism in our politics. Feel free to join me to continue the fight at