Thursday, May 5, 2011

What to consider on Cooling Off Day?

This edition of the General Elections, it will be the first time where a "Cooling Off Day" is introduced by the PAP which disallowed any campaigning by the political parties prior to the Polling Day on Saturday.

Majulah!, not being too sure to what extend this new rule is being applied : "- The transmission by any individual of his personal political views to another individual, on a non-commercial basis, using the telephone, Internet or other electronic means"

To be safe, this will be the last Majulah! post prior to the Polling Day.


On this moment to the moment you step into the polling station, your thoughts (mainly the undecideds) will be switching back and forth whether to vote for the PAP or the Opposition.

My Take: Just vote for the Opposition.

The PAP had been too overwhelmingly empowered for too long. We were lucky to have Mr Lee Kuan Yew and his team to lead and bring Singapore from the 3rd World to the 1st World. But before you deciding to vote just because of this, please remember, the Election is about the Future you want; not to grade the PAP for their past glories beyond the previous term.

PAP led Singapore had been doing very well on a macro economic scale ever since Mr Goh Chok Tong took over the baton. But unknown to the Singaporeans then, Singapore the Republic is slowly transformed into Singapore Inc. Many of the corporations that were previously Government held are privatised and a profit-driven philosophy is installed. The years under Mr Lee Hsien Loong made matter worse as Singaporeans witnessed the worst ever performance by the PAP since their rise to power year prior to Independence.

Today, healthcare cost is so high that ordinary Singaporeans are avoiding getting medical treatment despite their dire need. Many said, its better to die than to fall sick.

HDB deliberately reduced the number of HDB built, coupled with the increased population, forced HDB prices to rise like to new heights; even during the recession year, HDB pegged their apartment pricing so firmly that even the private developers wanted to compensate for the poor sales of their private condos units by lowering their prices, were unable to do so because they can't be selling condos below HDB prices. And of course, without the Free Market Correction, prices just continue to rise from where they left of.

The big squeeze everyday which I think I do not need to say more.

Without enough Oppositions MP in Parliament, the PAP government could change the constitution anytime and in any way they want; the worst case scenario could be them, allowing the Permanent Resident voting rights so that they can tip that 51% they need amidst the increasing unhappiness against them.

ETC, etc... etc....

You get the drift.

PAP had a 25 years plan and while we are in the 10 or 15th year mark, they have no reason to let down and stop their plans. The lack of substance in the manifesto is a sign that they are intending to continue what they had been doing for the last 5-10 years: more foreigners, higher GST, higher ministerial salary, more ERP, higher healthcare cost, etc...

So dear Singaporeans, vote for the Oppositions, towards a more caring, more inclusive, fairer and more responsive First World Government.

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