Monday, May 2, 2011

The Regime of Fear and its Toll.

Posting in support of the Opposition here, and on a personal level of Facebook apparently taken its toll on the people around me, and the people who cares for me.

The amount of pressure and risk taken by the Opposition candidate are thus beyond what I can imagine.

Just still 5 days from the Polling Day, my love one already pleading me to stop my campaigning for Opposition support. I do not fear (since I do not attack personalities thus dun run the risk of lawsuits), but fear strikes those who cares of those that are campaigning against the Ruling Party.

This regime of fear, and the perpetration of the fear of the PAP had reached a point where, it suddenly felt like the 1960s and 1970s all over again. It reminds me of the time where Mr Lee Kuan Yew consolidates his power through amazing political maneuvers as well as hard stances/actions against its opponents. Although I'm not in irk with what was done, because all along history, great leaders make hard and difficult decisions for the good of the majority. Churchill sent Allied Troops up the Normandy against one of the most fortified regions in Europe; Emperor Han Wu Di consolidated power thru his patience and foresight, making countless tough decisions.

But in today's context, the existence of the "fear factor" is disappointing. And to think that we are in a democracy, the existence of fear of the PAP is ridiculous and at the same thing, distraughting.

PAP will come back to power at the end of Election Day, that is for sure. I can only hope that PAP will take a bit more effort, fill in the gap that left behind in their pursue of revenue and GDP growth and get back some of the lost trust Singaporeans have had in them.

At least 1/3 of the Singaporeans are disappointed with the PAP, despite I know PAP do not need their vote (PAP only need 51% to win); I hope PAP would do the right thing, a good political party would do.

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