Monday, January 28, 2013

Dr Koh Poh Koon ill-fated battle

The PAP candidate for Punggol East By-Election, Dr Koh Poh Koon suffered a defeat of great significance - PAP's first defeat in their own backyard in decades.

Revelations that he only became a PAP member 2 weeks before the election, that he did not take up the offer at first asking, and that his election campaign speaks nothing of what his predecessor had already done / done right / and still yet to be done. He campaigned like as if he is running for a fresh slate. Not to mention, a personal opinion, that he doesnt look like someone I can trust.

Coupled with all the disastrous revelations and continued unhappiness; and surprisingly, poor town management (rivervale mall saga), that had hardly been addressed since the last election, he is destined to become, perhaps, the weakest PAP candidate since Tin Pei Ling. Under such bad political climate and condition for the PAP, they should have selected a heavy weight (maybe from the Aljunied GRC team - although perhaps none of them want to return to politics) to fight this battle... His surgeon background is hardly enough to ward off the negative public sentiment.

So if WP cant even win against such a weak candidate, GE2016 is likely to be a struggle to build on what they had gained in the last election.

Although, on hindsight, its hard to think of who could be capable enough to win it for PAP. (the only person I thought who could, is George Yeo)

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