Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Successful projects are lead by great visions - not tyrants.

A response to this article: Why People-Powered Projects Are Ruled by Tyrants -

Actually, because "democracy" leads to infighting; projects that are successful are often born of the vision of one or a few individual. These few individuals gives "power" and "freedom" to the masses where themselves continues to steers and control the "rules" to make sure its going the right way.

Facebook would become MySpace if you give ppl unlimited freedom. Wikipedia will lose its credibility as an encyclopedia.

So rather than saying it ruled by Tyrants, its more like "guided by the vision set forth by the creator; with rules/limitations set to keep the entire project in the right direction to create the desired outcome".


--extended response as continued--

Living in Singapore, there is nothing more apt than using my country's history and personality as an example.

The best example would be Mr Lee Kuan Yew, Minister Mentor of Singapore, the former Prime Minister whom led Singapore from a 3rd world nation without any natural resources, to one of the most vibrant nation in Asia.

He is definitely in all aspects and perspectives, a Tyrant/Dictator; BUT, he is guided by a vision, a philosophy and a strong conviction. It is thus, this vision, philosophy and conviction that path the way for Singapore to what it is today.

The vision that the entire stretch of the west coast be used as the port of Singapore - Jurong Port. A vision so ambitious and ahead of its time, many detractors laughed it off as a joke in the beginning - until the groundwork began that people realised its going to happen.

It is also his principle that Singapore will not have a National Airline just for the sake of having a National Airline, survived by Ego and Pride. SIA began right at the beginning as a profit driven airline, and takes drastic steps to differentiate and became the top airline in the world.

He also credited for making Singapore a "Garden City"; a result of his vision of a green city, with plants planted everywhere, along the roads; importing of new species of trees and flowers that fits Singapore's climate and etc... Not to mention his investment into the cleanliness of the country which became the hallmark and the most remembered aspect of Singapore.

"Tyrant", in the form of the article, isn't always bad. But tyrants without visions and guiding principles are the ones that we should be worried about. As far as the history had shown: Tyrants without vision, without principles, without an ambition of greatness/benevolence will go nowhere; failure and infamy beckons.

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