Wednesday, January 5, 2011

What will Singaporeans do if PAP decides not to have Elections at all?

Honestly, being through and through Singaporeans, we totally understand our typical Singaporean nature of just keeping quiet, minding our own business and avoid "mafan" situation at all cost.

The many years of subdued situation and caused a muffling effect on the vocalness of Singaporeans about politics and public affairs. Political talks and criticisms can only be heard in small talks and occasional conversation with family members and taxi drivers. Although the internet forum and political portals like Temasek Review and TheOnlineCitizen is getting traction - it does not change the fact that its already part of our nature to be shy and reserved.

"so many incidents already, yet we still do not have any riots, public display of disapproval or anything of any sort."

Mas Selamat escape, YOG over budget, Temasek and GIC financial losses, rubbish comments from PAP politicians, multiple 50 a year floods, Wikileaks about Singaporean diplomats unkind words about fellow Asian countries - so many incidents already, yet we still do not have any riots, public display of disapproval or anything of any sort.

Suddenly I have this thought: What if PAP decides to scrap Elections totally?

"What if PAP decides to scrap Elections totally?"

Will this be enough to call Singaporeans into action to protest against such a move?
Will there be riots?
Will there be strikes?
Will there even be any strong reaction by the people???

It seriously worries me when I have such thought incepted into my mind (by myself; and now, by me to you). I suddenly sees the important of "freedom of speech" and "the rights to protest". Suddenly, the student riots in England does not seem silly anymore... Suddenly, I realised how vulnerable Singapore is now - just that its not because of Racial Differences - but Political Indifferences...

And common sense tells me that of all likelihood: Singaporeans might actually do nothing.

"Singaporeans might actually do nothing."

Will you stand up for democracy and freedom if that day ever comes?


Abao said...

if the day ever happens and nothing is done, i think i would rather leave for malaysia

Lim Mingji said...

I might seriously consider migrating too.... =x