Thursday, March 11, 2010

A Prostitute Story (quoted from HWZ)

This is an interesting story I read in the HWZ forum.

BuiBui wrote:
Once, there lived a south-east asian girl. She was beautiful and petite, much more attractive than many of her neighbours, who were ugly, lazy or even violent.

Many men loved her deeply, most even offering years of their lives to work as her bodyguard, protecting her from her neighbours.

One day, her grandfather called her into his room. “Ah girl, for the sake of our familee, you have to do this. There is no other choice.”

From then on, she became a changed person. She opened the gates to her house wide, allowing all kinds of people to cum inside her. These people come from the north/south, white, yellow, black, all nationality, large numbers (thousands) of them.

She worked hard to serve these customers, doing everything to appease them, to make them feel good, so they can tip her better. All this time ignoring the pleadings of the men who loyally protected her.

It was useless. In the house the grandfather makes all decisions. Who else can be more qualified? Not even the father can do anything, much less the lowly, lesser bodyguards.

Soon, her house became overcrowded with customers. There was no choice but to chase some of her bodyguards out. The remaining ones suffered a pay cut, with the hope that they will leave by themselves.

Overnight, her familee became very rich. Easily the richest familee in the whole region. Some people despise this method of making money, but it doesnt matter to the grandfather. Money is money.

It slowly dawned on the girl that all the people who cum inside her dun actually love her. For them, once they benefited from the short-term encounter, they leave. No obligations, no responsibilities need be answered.

After several months, the bodyguards who used to love her, who protected her, became really turned off by her love of money and promiscuity. She was no longer pure, no more beautiful, just a cheap tool of her grandfather.

Right now, they are reading this thread and wondering, should they continue to protect the girl and her grandfather, or should they give up?

Pretty extreme but it made the point.

disclaimer: i have no part in the writing of this story nor i endorse anything suggested from this article. Copyrights and credits remains with the original writer. DO NOT SUE ME. =X

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