Tuesday, January 20, 2009

"Perm Sec, Tan Yong Soon Scandal" in perspective.


So, there is this damn rich civil servant spending silly money on silly stuff (at least to the common man) and tio slammed silly on national papers....

Seriously lah, its his damn money, he can spend whatever he wants. This is my thinking. In fact, i can't be bothered even if PM Lee drives a Ferrari around Singapore. He got the money, so why cant he spend it?

So ppl, do you really want all those on top of us, be hypocrites, acting like they are all honest and thrifty, like as if they are god-like, money is not impt kindda thing? pls wake up your idea.

This world is ruled by money, and like the saying goes: Money makes the world goes round.

So just admit it, a Perm Sec is equivalent as a one or 2 star General in the SAF. Their pay per month is 5 digit. At least 10k+++. So why cant they spent they kindda of money to enjoy their life.

YES, its a bad time, recession in Singapore and around the world. But thats the lure and good thing about public service or government job, your pay continues to come on time. So when some of you guys get 6 months or 1 year bonuses, we civil servants continue to get stucked with the most 3 months bonus (usually dun have so much). Civil servants are also usually paid lower than outside jobs. So dun complain when they seem rich during bad times, because thats the trade off.

And just in case you dunno, its the civil servants that continue to keep consumer spending at a certain level when times are bad, so the economy dun crumble when everyone stop spending. There is benefits for civil servants to be paid quite well.

So just get on with it. Not happy with their high pay? Try increase your earning more, or swallow your pride and forget it.

Without those high pays for top jobs, no talents wants to serve in the civil service job liao...


Or lets see it in this perspective:

When you are eating good, sleeping good, got cable vision, got car, got credit card, got proper roof over your head, got maid; did you consider what your maids or the construction workers' thought?

Did you care about their feelings? They earning meager pay to do super tough and demanding jobs, while you shake your leg reading newspaper and slam our civil servants for spending silly money on silly stuff with caring about your feelings?

Come on.

Dun even compare these top civil servants life and those who choose to sleep in the streets. If those who strayed in the streets arent getting help for the 10k++ earners, you arent helping these folks either. I bet, you would be finding ways to even avoid these "liu lang hans" (vagabonds).

Want me to go on? I wont go so far as Africa, lets just say Indonesia or even Cambodia. They are plenty of ppl living poor life in poor environments. Can say its beyond their control to even improve their life any better than its already is. Did you help?

Until the common man attains god-like generosity and grace; dun blame all the shit on rich ppl. (i am not rich just for info)

Singapore, singapore.... haiz...

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