Friday, August 29, 2008

Barack Obama | Respect.

i think i had been won over...

Barack Obama, a man that probably what the world needs most now, especially for United States. I happened to switch to CNN as they are covering LIVE the Democratic Party's presidential nomination event. 

I watched in anticipation, especially at the official acceptance of the nomination by Obama, and what historical speech he is going to log into US' history books. He did not disappoint.

I witnessed the most incredible political speech ever; one that captures the heart and soul of all Americans. Even me, a Singaporean, half a globe away from those fanfare, I am touched. I am so touched that tears are threatening to overwhelm my eyes. 

Its that inspiring...

Of course while i successfully fought back my tears, countless American succumbed to it. 

Obama hit where it matters most: heathcare, education, tax, jobs, people, the common man. He did not stand there and give a Bush-like speech of grandeur and crap, but he showed what being a leader of a country, whatever the country, is all about...

...its about the people.

He proposed revolutionary ideas, giving hope to not only the Americans, but to the world as well; diminishing the reliance for Middle East oil totally in a decade, full scale development of next generation energy, making the world most efficient vehicles and become the leader in it, etc... 

An America without the need to tap on the Middleeast oil = a more stable global power = peace. 

He hits  the jackpot in virtually every single area of contention and topic.

He MUST  get elected.

He will not only bring USA out of their shit holes, but also bring back the stability that is now lost thanks to the ridiculous rule of George W Bush. 8 years of crap, 8 years of economic difficulty; even to us Singapore.

Barack Obama is a person whom the first moment i noticed his presence, thanks of TV about him wanting to go for the presidential election; the moment i heard one of his early speeches abt a year+ ago, i knew it, that this is the MAN, the ONE who will change the world.

Its all about Change isnt it? his  campaign...

I hope, our opposition politicians can look up to Obama and learn from him, what is it about being a politician. Not to fight the government, not to just be a check (or for show) towards the accountability of PAP, not being an alternative, BUT... to be an entity that will make the comman man's life better; collaborating with PAP or not, that  should be the goal.

But for now, i declare i am a fan of this man: Barack Obama

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